New Equipment

At long last I have finally been able to upgrade to HD. Equipment includes the new Canon 60D digital SLR, I had to ponder this long and hard as it is in some ways a step down from my 5D professional stills camera but a big upgrade in terms of video.

I was considering the Canon 5D mark II and the 7D however they both have serious problems with overheating when recording video that the 60D apparently does not. While I run the risk of the 60D having trouble with humidity when running around in the jungle I couldn’t risk having to stop filming every 20 to 25 minutes because the damned camera overheated. That would be particularly embarrassing when conducting and interview…”Can you just hang about for half and hour while my cameras cools down?” I think not.

As a long time user of Canon equipment I am very disappointed they did not sort out the overheating problem before selling these expensive professional models.

While these new digital SLR’s give great HD video they are not noted for their audio capabilities. To counter this I have bought a Zoom H4N recorder, which allows me to use XLR connections and professional microphones. I have also bought a couple of very portable little LED lights that will ensure no more problems with badly lit interviews in remote locations. While I still have an old portable lighting system, the huge (and damned heavy) battery belt lasts only 20-25 minutes, whereas these new LED lights last up to 2 hours on 4 AA batteries, now that’s what I call portable.

I cannot wait to start on my new project with Conservation International in the New Year.



About Allan Michaud

English Wildlife Photographer/Environmental Filmmaker based in Cambodia
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