Siamese Crocodlie Behavior

Siamese Crocodile

I always find animal behavior interesting. I filmed a Siamese crocodile a few years back that was not impressed by a cormorant that kept coming to its lake to catch fish. The bird would dry itself in the sun on the same log after fishing and one time the croc swam close by the log clearly showing itself to the bird as a warning. I say this because normally crocs move very slowly if at all, this was a fast ‘swim by’ in plain sight so I see no other reason for it. After the bird left the croc returned and spent about half an hour moving around the log before spending some time trying to force its way into some bushes just a meter or 2 from the log and directly behind where the bird would sunbathe. In the end the frustrated croc gave up as the undergrowth was too thick but it was very clearly trying to set up an ambush. I have asked the BBC who I filmed this for if I can put this sequence online, however as it still represents the best wild footage in existence of this very rare crocodilian I doubt they will let me. Fingers crossed.


About Allan Michaud

English Wildlife Photographer/Environmental Filmmaker based in Cambodia
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